Happy Father's Day 2020

Meet some of Jacobs Steel's Dads and Dads-to-be 

As most Dad's will be celebrating Father's Day at home this year, we wanted to celebrate with our colleagues and get to know a little bit more about their family lives outside of Jacobs Steel.

Get to know some of our team and delve in to their thoughts on Fatherhood; past, present and future.

Football Coach & Dance Teacher

Aw...isn't that such a cute picture? Oh yes, all of our staff have baby pictures on this site (head to Meet The Team to see all of them!)

This is Jake, the Senior Consultant in our Shoreham-by-Sea branch. 

Outside of the office, he is a proud Dad of two youngsters; Cauley and Aliana. Jake says,

"The hardest part of being a Dad so far has been the 'terrible twos' - they were definitely terrible! But you can't beat the feeling of seeing the kids grow up & be the best that they can be within themselves. It's been lovely spending such quality time with them both recently and I can't wait to teach Cauley how to play football and get Aliana in to dance classes"

Blissfully Blended 

If you've met Pat, one of Jacobs Steel's Managing Directors, you'll know that he doesn't look too dissimilar to his toddler photo (just a tad older with a modern haircut!)

Pat is part of a very happy blended family with 3 children between him and his wife, Davina. Having had to home-school his teenage children recently, Pat says he has a new found admiration for teachers!

"The best times are when we can all get together as a family for Sunday roasts, or go on a weekend camping trip. It's those memories that stick with you...although I am looking forward to the day they move out! OK, that part is a joke, sort-of...but, seriously, I can't wait to see what paths they take as young adults. It's a really exciting time in their lives as they begin to find their own way."

The Most Exciting Adventure

Ollie, our Lettings Manager is expecting his first baby later this year with his partner Amy; who just so happens to be a Senior Sales Consultant at our West Worthing office! Ollie says,

"Being a first time dad, I’ve discovered that pregnancy is expensive and interesting. You don’t know a lot, you feel pretty helpless and wish you could sometimes take the burden to give Amy a bit of a break!

Your whole life is changing and adapting and you still can’t really ever prepare yourself for what is just about to happen and how your life is going to change after that, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

There is so much I am looking forward to, but I just can't wait for him to be here."

There'll soon be one more...

Matt Balmer is our Area Director over at Shoreham and as he celebrates Father's day with his toddler this year, he also looks to the future for the arrival of he and his wife's second baby! Matt says,

"The obvious tricky bits for me are the nappies and late nights! But, they're so worth it just to hear the sound of my little girl's belly-laugh. It is literally the best sound in the world - and she is so funny too!

Raising her right and helping her to be the best version of herself is an absolute gift and I'm looking forward to expanding our little family."

More Milestones Ahead

Matt Jacobs, also one of Jacobs Steel's Managing Directors, has two girls aged 3 and 5. Having waved goodbye at the school gates to his 5 year old last year, he and his wife, Joni, are now nervously looking ahead to when they'll do the same with their youngest next September. Matt says,

"Being a Dad is all good fun. Sure, there's a lack of sleep and (very) early wake ups, but to see the delight in their faces when we head to the beach for an ice-cream or an adventure across The Downs makes it all worth it. 

Definitely looking forward to our next family holiday as the girls will be of an age where they can really enjoy themselves."

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