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And achieve the best possible price

It’s not uncommon when viewing a property to buy, that the viewers struggle to see past what is in the property in terms of furniture, décor and belongings. It’s even more common that potential buyers will scroll straight past a property online if the photographs aren’t appealing.

Some of the best advice you can receive when looking to sell your home is how to stage it for viewers; that’s why Jacobs Steel are teaming up with local Interior Designer and Home Staging Consultant Amy Baudet, owner of Salt House Interiors

Amy began her career in interiors 4 years ago; following a long, successful career in creative event management - an industry that also requires an eye for design! Since embarking on her Salt House Interiors adventure, Amy has worked with many clients locally and across the South. 

Amy has also undertaken a number of property developments herself; and her knowledge of interiors and home staging certainly came in handy when it came to selling her projects!

In our new ‘Home Staging’ blog series, Amy is taking over to share her wisdom and advice when it comes to staging your home for sale; in order to achieve the best possible price for your property. 

Over to Amy

Guest Blogger, Amy Baudet, gives her advice on how to stage your home for sale; in order to achieve the best possible price

OK, let's drive straight in...

There are usually two core reasons why potential buyers viewing a property can be put off. These are:

  1. The property is empty. It can be hard for viewers to visualize how the space can work when there is no furniture to anchor the eye; or
  2. The property is too cluttered or overcrowded with furniture making it difficult for viewers to visualize how the room would look in their own style

Basically, what we want to do when staging a property for viewings is create a space where the potential buyer can both like what they see and envisage how they could fill the rooms. Home staging an empty property or ‘dressing’ a lived in property can make a significant difference in getting viewers through the door and converting them in to buyers.

Let’s start with a family or couple in a property that they have outgrown or that has that 'lived-in' feel.

My first piece of advice – de-clutter! Do your best to get rid of anything that isn’t needed - take it to charity, put it in a garage or at a friend’s. This does not only include toys, knick knacks and boxes; but also actual furniture. Creating a feeling of space is extremely important in photos and also on viewings.

Living Room

Wherever you can, take away mismatched cushions and replace with modern covers in complementing tones and patterns (think geometric, striped, plain). Cushion covers don't have to be expensive; and if you're a dab hand with the sewing machine all you need to do is get hold of some nice fabric!

Re-arrange sofas to create an obvious/separate seating space in an open plan living area. Think about removing one of your sofas or armchairs if it looks too cluttered. Replace any old fashioned lamps with inexpensive, 'on-trend' versions. Use mirrors to reflect light and make the space feel bigger; and arrange books by colour to create an ordered and visually pleasing bookshelf.

It's understandable if you are reluctant to get rid of your furniture and decor; so perhaps ask if you can hold it at a friend or family member's home; or even consider hiring a storage space for the duration of your home's marketing.

Dining Room

This is probably the easiest room of the house to keep neat and simple.

You could think about purchasing chic new chairs if the current chairs are looking tired, as they are readily available and can really change the look of the room. Alternatively, having your current dining chairs re-covered is often an inexpensive way of giving them a new lease of life.

Having a vase of flowers or an appealing pot plant (real or faux) in the centre of the table is a nice decorative touch.

If the dining table is in the same room as the living area, try to organise your furniture to make sure it is in a separate ‘zone’ with enough space around it. If the one you own is taking up too much space and making the room look smaller, think about getting a smaller table & chairs to put in it's place. You could always try a furniture swap with a friend for a few weeks while your viewings are carried out!


Kitchens and bathrooms are key rooms of the home; so make sure surfaces are as clear as possible. Keep all food, paperwork, plates of work surfaces and away in cupboards wherever possible, trying to display only your kettle/toaster/coffee maker etc; and clear the fridge of any magnets and personal photos. This keeps the eyes drawn to the kitchen itself, not what is on it's work surfaces!

Any accessories, such as eye-catching books and succulents, should be as modern as possible and styled beautifully with space between them (e.g. on a windowsill or shelf).

Finally, if you have a breakfast bar, make sure the stools are in-keeping with your style of kitchen. Stylish and modern usually look the part regardless.


For the initial photos and for viewings, put away any brightly patterned or chintzy bedcovers and replace with a neutral duvet cover that won't distract your viewers. Pair this with a couple of ‘on-trend’ cushions – it is worth spending a few pounds at an inexpensive home store (e.g. H&M Home, Dunelm, George, Wilkos) to buy some items that will help “sell” the look.

Clear away as many beauty products and as much jewellery as you can; and bedside tables should only house simple matching lamps.

In kids’ rooms, tidy toys away in drawers or neat storage boxes as much as you can; at least for the initial photographs and viewings. 



Bathrooms need to be clear of clutter as they are generally quite small; so tidy away toiletries wherever possible, storing them in a drawer or attractive basket/box and keep bath toys out of view. Pretty soap holders, candles, mirrors and plants can make a bathroom look like the relaxing space it should be!

Purchase matching or complementary towels/bath mats. Again, these can be bought cheaply from shops such as H&M Home, Dunelm, George, Wilkos etc...and can make a huge difference to the look of the bathroom. 

Until next time...

That's it for this edit. There is much more to come from me and I'll be back with Jacobs Steel doing some more blogs soon.

If you'd like to contact me for any further advice, for an initial telephone consultation or to arrange a site visit at your home; please don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you would like to be a guest blogger for Jacobs Steel, please contact our Marketing Manager, Jayde Pope.
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