What is your property's perceived value?

When you invite an estate agent to value your home or complete an online valuation enquiry, you receive an estimate of market value based on comparable evidence from the land registry and other research.

Perceived value is different, in that it describes the value of your property in your potential buyers’ eyes. You may have experienced this yourself when house hunting, or even when doing every day tasks such as your food shop. You look at an item and think ‘that’s not worth the money!’ or ‘I wouldn’t pay that much’. Buyers do the same thing when assessing whether or not your property is the one they would like to purchase.

So what if you could increase your property’s perceived value?  Here are 5 ways that you can increase your property’s perceived value in just one weekend.

Give every room a purpose

Most of us have that one room, usually the smallest bedroom, that just seems to end up housing all the ‘junk’ we haven’t yet found homes for. Whatever room it is, have a furniture shuffle, maybe throw out some of that stuff you haven’t used in a year or purchase some low-cost storage solutions to create a new home for it. Turn the space in to a useable room that the viewer can picture themselves in, as opposed to looking through a door to a mountain of stuff that makes the room appear smaller than it actually it.

Fact: most viewers are unable to see past ‘stuff’, so remove as much ‘stuff’ from their line of vision as you can.

Weed it out

Making the front of your home look attractive, or giving it ‘curb appeal’ can add a huge amount of perceived value; especially since the exterior is the first impression buyers will get of your property.

Tasks as small as pulling out all the weeds, deadheading the plants and trimming the bushes can make a huge amount of difference. Once you've pulled up all the uglies, make sure that any grass is cut and that the actual exterior walls and windows of your home are clean of any dirt (like bird poo or algae).


Over the years, we all collect things that become sentimental. We display our kids drawings on the fridge, have numerous photographs on show, ornamental gifts that we keep on windowsills or shelves...

Now is the time to be ruthless and box them all up. The aim is to give your property that ‘show-home’ feel of being as unlived in and clutter free as possible. This allows your potential buyer to visualise the space with their own belongings. The more they can visualise themselves living there, the larger the property’s worth increases in their eyes.

Go green

Indoor plants have a profound effect on people. Done right, indoor greenery can actually boost mood and make a space feel more attractive. Not only will this benefit you in terms of your home’s perceived value; but having indoor plants has also been shown to have a positive impact on mental health too. It’s a win-win.

If you're not a green fingered person, don't panic. Artificial greenery can have the same desired affect too. 

Take on the to-do list

Any homeowner will tell you that there is a never-ending list of tasks that need doing, from mowing the lawn to fixing door handles. Maybe there’s scuffs on the skirting boards you’ve been meaning to get rid of or the kitchen tap has an annoying drop that needs fixing.

Whatever it is, book out a day at the weekend, get the kids looked after and bosh out those jobs. Getting them done can have a surprising amount of impact on perceived value.

Get a stylist to help


Meet Jane Lee

Jane is an interior stylist who has stopped clients from spending a fortune on unnecessary work; saving them money, time, stress and upheaval.  If you're moving, staging is a powerful marketing tool that will make your home irresistible to buyers. She will show you how to refresh your home so that it stands out from the competition.

Quote 'JS2020' when you speak to Jane so that she knows you're a Jacobs Steel client.

Visit Jane's website

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