8 Ways to prepare your home for sale

Amid the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and the advice set out by the Government not to leave our homes, there is naturally less property coming to the market. But for anyone who was interested in making a move before the pandemic, the market will return to normal once it's all over. The best thing we can do, is prepare.

As none of us can go out to the shops and buy nice new co-ordinating cushions and curtains to help stage our homes, here’s our advice for what you can do to prepare your home for sale without leaving it. #stayathome #savelives



1. Time for a thorough spring clean!

Use this extra time at home to give your home a real going over. Dusty lampshades, skirting, appliances, windows…areas that may often get missed out of the weekly clean need attention before you put your home on the market. Get the rubber gloves out and make it sparkle!


2. Oops…I didn’t do it again

All those odd jobs that you keep meaning to get around to, now is the time. You may have already bought the paint to touch up those scuff marks on the walls; or perhaps it’s a loose door handle or leaky tap. Buyers do notice the little things that go unnoticed to you, so make the best impression by completing your to-do list.


3. The WOW factor

Kerb appeal is a huge pull for buyers and can make a huge difference when it comes to taking photographs. Pulling up weeds, jet washing the driveway and cleaning down the window sills at the front of your home are all things you can do during lock-down and don’t cost a penny. Then, if you want to consider putting in some colourful plants post-pandemic, you can start doing some online research or put together a Pinterest board!


4. Bring nature inside

Indoor plants can create a more welcoming environment and it is said that they also have benefits on mental health and well-being. If you have any herbs outdoors or plant pots that you can bring inside to dress window sills, it will help to stage your home and hopefully lift your mood during these tough times.


5. Clear the clutter

And get organised! A huge factor that can deter a buyer is clutter, because whilst you are used to it, your buyer has to try and see past it to envisage their own belongings in your home. Take this opportunity to begin clearing out what you haven’t used in the past 12 months, what you wouldn’t want to take with you to your next home and then organise the stuff that’s left in a way that is as contemporary as possible. Pinterest and Houzz are great places to look for inspiration on getting organized.


6. Give rooms a purpose

The best way to showcase a room, in any size home, is to give it a purpose. The spare room that you’ve been using as an office/guest room/dumping ground now needs to become a space that your buyers can visualise using. While most homes have a dumping ground of sorts, perhaps not the best way to promote the space! Follow step 5 and then pick one use for the room and clearly stage the room.


7. Simple, cosy and comfortable

The aim here is to make buyers picture living in your home by creating inviting spaces. Have a think about areas that you can promote as homely. For example, perhaps you’ve got a nice throw tucked away that you can drape over an armchair; and add some pretty books to the side table next to it. This creates a reading area. Instagram and Pinterest are your friends here.


8. Remove Distractions

For the majority of buyers, it can be tricky to envisage living in a home that is already full of someone else’s personal things. These are all distractions from the space that they are trying to view. Limit the number of photographs you have on display to a minimum and remove the kids’ artwork from the fridge. It can all be put back as you like it when you’re in your new home!




 A little progress each day adds up to big results. If you need any more advice on how to prepare, we have 35 years of experience that we can share with you. Get in touch.

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